Date Night Desserts: Chocolate Mousse Bites

Full disclosure; I am not super fond of desserts. I am a savory girl all the way, but Shake has several sweet teeth, especially for chocolate, so I indulge her from time to time. Chocolate mousse is her absolute favorite, and I love making it because it turns out spectacular with very little effort. For this recipe, we made mini mousses, which invited a margin of error, but it was worth it for the ensuing hilarity.

Shake Says: These addictive bites are rich and velvety. As Sauce said, this is in fact, my favorite dessert (lets be real here, food in general). This cocktail, The Whiskey and Screw, makes this dessert an adult version of the chocolate oranges we all loved as kids while still being great for a date night. 

The Whiskey and Screw


1 ½ oz Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey (or your favorite bourbon)

3 oz orange juice (fresh is preferred)

½ oz Grand Marnier

Sprig of baby basil (or a large basil leaf)


I like to serve this in a stemless wine glass but a tumbler would also work well. Fill the glass with ice and add the Crown Royal and orange juice. Stir with a spoon or cocktail spoon and float the Grand Marnier on top. Garnish with the basil. Cheers!

Chocolate Mousse Bites


Special Equipment: Electric mixer

1 bag (10oz) semisweet chocolate chips/chunks

¼ cup sugar

½ cup hot coffee (I use decaf for the caffeine sensitive. Although if you’re trying to stay up all night…)

1 tbsp. rum

4 eggs, yolks and whites separated Note: If you don’t have the time or energy to separate eggs, you can make Pot de Crème instead. My mousse recipe is based off my mother-in-law’s Pot de Crème recipe-it’s the exact same ingredients, you just don’t separate and whip the egg whites. It turns out velvety and dense instead of fluffy and light, but its just as excellent-its all about picking your personal poison. 

Shortbread tartins (freezer section) or small ceramic ramekins

Optional: Belgian Almond Thins 


Fill small saucepan about 1/3 of the way full with water. Heat until boiling, and then reduce to simmer.

While water is heating, begin whisking egg whites. Whip at medium speed until soft peaks form. Once peaks begin to form, add sugar little by little until fully incorporated.



Once water is hot, place chocolate in metal or glass bowl big enough to sit comfortably on the water pan without touching the water. Settle on saucepan and stir slowly until chocolate is melted. Add 1 tbsp. rum and stir, then turn off heat, leaving bowl over water. Add egg yolks and incorporate quickly while chocolate is still warm.




Stir a spoonful of egg whites into the chocolate mixture to thin. Fold chocolate mixture gently into egg whites.




Pour or spoon mousse into shortbread cups or ramekins. Set in fridge for several hours (mousse should look firm and not jiggle.)

Smash almond cookies into a powder using a Ziploc bag and a heavy object. Pour into a small bowl.


Dip or sprinkle cookie powder onto mousse. If you did a slightly bad job getting the mousse into the tartins like we did, use this as an opportunity to cover it up.

Chocolate Disaster!


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