Month: March 2017

Jerk Chicken and Shrimp

jerk chicken with rice

I went out for lunch today and experienced an extremely underwhelming jerk halibut taco. Besides the fact that I only got about about 2 oz. of fish between two tacos, the seasoning was bland and the overall presentation was quite lackluster, so I decided… Continue Reading “Jerk Chicken and Shrimp”

Solitaire in San Monique

solitaire in san monique

Spicy and complex, this drink uses zest hot Thai chilies and a deliciously juice mango. Make the syrup ahead and keep it around for as many rounds as you like! It will keep for 2 weeks or so if kept well sealed in the… Continue Reading “Solitaire in San Monique”

Ballad for a Cowgirl

ballad for a cowgirl

With flavors of Kentucky bourbon and lemon pairing with strawberry and balsamic syrup (recipe found here), this drink is a wonderful pairing with any sort of appetizer you can throw at it. A note about dry shaking: when making cocktails with egg whites, its… Continue Reading “Ballad for a Cowgirl”

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Inspired by someone close to Sauce, Salty and myself, Group Therapy is best enjoyed with your closest friends. It is refreshing and delicious and great for making in pitchers. Ingredients Equipment: mixing glass, cocktail spoon, strainer, pint glass, Collins glass or something similar ½… Continue Reading “Group Therapy”

Planter’s Punch

Planter's Punch

“One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak” This catchy little saying is the best way to make a balanced Planter’s Punch. Originating in Jamaica, this drink is perfect for laying on a beach, boat, patio chair or couch.… Continue Reading “Planter’s Punch”



When Sauce, Salty and myself were attempting to name this concoction, we decided it was definitely a summertime drink. It tastes sort of like an Arnold Palmer! I’m not much use on a golf course but I fully intend to drink these on our… Continue Reading “Sandtrap”

Matteo Ricci

matteo ricci

Matteo Ricci was an Italian missionary in the late 1500’s. He arrived at the Portuguese settlement of Macau and began missionary work that took him across the entire country. In 1601, the Wanli Emperor who wished to put his knowledge of astronomy and the… Continue Reading “Matteo Ricci”

Port Fondue

port fondue

Sauce loves liqueur filled chocolates; in fact I gave her a box of them for Christmas. This drink is sort of an inside out version of one. I highly suggest letting the chocolate garnish sit in the drink for a minute or so before… Continue Reading “Port Fondue”



Pear and rye whiskey make for a fantastic pre-dinner cocktail. An aperitif if you will. A note about rye whiskey. For a deliciously low price, Dickel rye is wonderful in cocktails or on its own. It’s smooth and approachable for just about any palate.… Continue Reading “Apearitif”

Billy Rocks

Billy Rocks Cocktail

Sweet Sumo mandarin oranges and earthy tequila make for a truly unique flavor combination. To be honest this drink came to be with a particular mission in mind. Make Sauce like orange in cocktails. Be sure to buy a few extras, as these oranges… Continue Reading “Billy Rocks”

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