Month: March 2017

Smoked Applesauce

Smoked applesauce over pork tenderloin

Pork and apples go together magnificently, but I hate store bought applesauce because Ew. To make my own, I cored and smoked apples filled with spicy honey, and then simmered them with beef broth and brandy until soft. The result is a sweet, savory,…

The Wayward Monk

The wayward monk

Sidecars are one of Sauce’s favorite cocktails. This spin on the classic adds some Benedictine for sweetness and a touch of botanicals and apple juice to play off the Cognac. It is a wonderful accompaniment to any sort of Cheese Plate or as a…

Tenderloin Bites

Tenderloin bites

Salty holds up the male end of the household by being a classic meat and potatoes guy, and his favorite snack is all about quality and simplicity. Whether you cheat like us or make the sauce from scratch, this dish is ready in less…

A Viking Voyage

A Viking Voyage cocktail

We called this drink the Viking voyage quite simply because its what we imagine a Viking would have imbibed should they have wound up in the Caribbean! I swear naming cocktails is sometimes harder than coming up with recipes. Side note, Luxardo is a…

The Bourbon BBQ

Bourbon BBQ

This cocktail is delicious on its own. However if you have a smoking gun at your disposal, this is another drink well served by a 5-7 second smoke bath. Ingredients Equipment: muddler, shaker, strainer, large ice cube or sphere, old fashioned glass 2 oz…

Mustard Roasted Carrots

mustard roasted carrots

Too often I overlook my side dishes, which is a tragedy I am trying to overcome. I decided to add some oomph to roasted carrots by dressing them in creamy mustard before cooking. The result was quite satisfying, and added lots of flavor without…

The Applewood

The applewood, a smoky cocktail

Despite the fact March has just arrived, our weather has decided to return to snow, cold temperatures and cloudy days. This coupled with having a surplus of apples around the house led to a series of experiments that had extremely tasty results. While Sauce…

Illegitimate Heirloom

Illegitimate Heirloom cocktail

Bloody Mary’s aren’t my thing. Never have been. I appreciate their place, their taste, their necessity as a hangover cure and every bartender has one. For some reason all I ever taste is alcoholic gazpacho. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE gazpacho but a…

West Side Story

West Side Story

This time of year, our resident horticulturist, Sauce, has a theory that drink floral cocktails helps the weather. This was clearly illustrated this week when we woke up to snow, but hey I’m more than happy to help her keep trying. Rose water is…

Thai Beef Salad

Thai beef salad ready to eat

Thai flavors are bright, fresh, and perfect for a light, healthy lunch that doesn’t sacrifice taste or complexity. Yesterday we had my best friend (henceforth known as Hot Pot) in the house as a guest chef, and she helped me put together a spectacular…

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