Meal Plan: Sunday Fry-Up

sunday fry up

A friend from the Commonwealth was in town last weekend, so we decided to do a classic Sunday fry-up for everyone to recover from the festivities of the visit. I’d planned ahead, so I had leftover mashed potatoes and gravy from earlier in the week. All we had to do was smoke bangers, and I fried the potatoes into delicious little croquettes. Steam some frozen peas and serve with a hot loaf of bread, and any Irish grandmother would be proud.


Serves 6-8, with extra for hungry people

10 English-style bangers

2 cups cold mashed potatoes Saucy Note: Leftover mashed potatoes are best for this recipe because they are easier to form into balls. They also get more flavorful as they sit if you put garlic or other herbs in. 

1 raw egg

1-cup flour

1½ cups panko breading

1-cup gravy

4-5 slices bacon, diced

1 bag frozen peas

1 loaf crusty bread

Optional: Fried eggs are also usually part of a breakfast like this, but I was out from making deviled eggs the night before. A gooey yolk really helps fill the overindulgence gap between smoked sausage and fried potatoes though, not to mention you should take every opportunity to eat fried eggs with gravy on them.

            I never claimed this was healthy.


If serving bread, preheat the oven.

Grill or smoke the sausages. Pan cooked is fine, but grilling is superior for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain. Fresh air is good for you anyway. Put somebody you trust in charge of cooking the sausages, or just yell at the nearest person to turn them every 8-10 minutes until they’re done. To smoke them, I set the smoker to 350° and cook them for about 30 minutes. They take about the same amount of time on a medium-low grill, turning every 8-10 minutes. Cooking them over too high of a heat will cause them to burst and dry out, so make sure to take your time with them.

Smoking sausages

While the sausages cook, prepare the potato croquettes according to the instructions here. Don’t cook them until the sausages are almost done though.

Have you checked on your sausages? Go! Or yell!

Put the bread in the oven about ten minutes before the sausages are done. Warm the gravy if not making fresh.

Cook the peas in the microwave while you cook the croquettes. They should take about the same amount of time, and as long as the sausages are ready, the meal will be ready to serve when the potatoes are. Serve a banger alongside a couple croquettes and some peas, then top everything with bacon crumbles and a drizzle of gravy. Serve with mustard and hot bread, along with the remaining gravy.

sunday fry up

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