Sauce and Shake is a collaborative effort between two women, a loving husband, and an adventurous group of friends and family who care about food almost as much as the people they share it with.  Through our tests, trials, victories and failures, we hope to spread our love of all the wonderful things the gastronomic sphere has to offer, and hopefully excite in you the same passion we feel when talking about, making, and most of all, enjoying, our favorite foods and drinks.





  1. Thickened liquid that adds flavor and moistness to food
  2. Slang-Alcohol
  3. Pacific Northwest native and culinary influence behind this blog.  She started muddling her way through the kitchen about 8 years ago, and has gone from barely making a bagged salad to writing her own recipes.  If she can do it, anyone can. Known to be feisty if startled.





  1. To move an object vigorously side to side or up and down, such as a skillet or cocktail mixer
  2. A popular move for the booty when grooving in the kitchen
  3. Pacific Northwest native and mixologist with years of cooking and bartending experience from restaurants around the country.  Do not start a towel snapping war with her unless you are prepared to lose.