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Saucy Madam

The saucy madam

This is the perfect drink for these early season sunny days filled with outdoor chores and spring cleaning. Basil is a wonderful aromatic and herbaceous element to keep your nose engaged just as much as your taste buds! Ingredients Equipment: muddler, shaker, strainer, champagne… Continue Reading “Saucy Madam”



Blueberries make wonderful additions to cocktails, especially ones with rum. In this particular recipe, feel free to use fresh or frozen depending on the season, availability or whatever you have in your house at the time. Ingredients Equipment: muddler, shaker, strainer, old fashioned glass… Continue Reading “Gingerberry”



There’s something so enjoyable about Hurricanes. There are so many variations but my favorite will always be the classic. A note about the passion fruit element – if you can find fresh passion fruit, the best way to bring in the flavor would be… Continue Reading “Hurricane”

Morning Bouquet

morning bouquet

Perfect as a breakfast or brunch cocktail, this drink goes with basically any breakfast flavor you can throw at it. I’m a huge fan of biscuits and gravy and this cuts right through the really rich flavors. Sauce is more of an egg person… Continue Reading “Morning Bouquet”

3-2-1 Caddy Margarita

3-2-1 caddy margarita

With the changing of the seasons making it rain ALL the time up here in the Seattle area, we’ve been taking every nice day we can as an excuse to invite friends over, play outside and drink margaritas. This recipe isn’t fancy. Its what… Continue Reading “3-2-1 Caddy Margarita”

Jamaican Derby

jamaican derby

I love mint juleps. I love the tradition behind them, I love the glasses. Most of all I love the taste. This is a tropical twist on the classic drink of the Kentucky Derby and I’m extremely excited to share this. Enjoy everyone! Ingredients… Continue Reading “Jamaican Derby”

Scandinavian Vacation

Scandinavian vacation

To finish our papaya adventure, we’re going into the land of gin. Definitely look for something on the drier side but really whatever your favorite is will work. All about those botanicals! Ingredients Equipment: muddler, shaker, strainer, white wine glass 2 slices of papaya… Continue Reading “Scandinavian Vacation”

Vero’s Boardwalk

Vero's Boardwalk

Today’s papaya adventure is taking us to the land of rum! I like to use Zaya rum in my tropical cocktails but feel free to use any sort of aged rum you like or have on hand. Dark rum would also work but when… Continue Reading “Vero’s Boardwalk”

San Felipe Cantina

san felipe cantina

Papayas are a delicious and fantastic fruit for you. It has all sorts of antioxidants and a tropical taste that makes you feel like sticking your toes in the sand and catching a wave. Over the next few days we’re going to explore a… Continue Reading “San Felipe Cantina”

Brandy Alexander

brandy alexander

John Lennon’s favorite drink! In my life, it was the first dessert drink I’d ever had, contemplated or seen. At a restaurant in McCall, Idaho, to be specific. There isn’t any agreed upon origin of it but its been around since at least the… Continue Reading “Brandy Alexander”

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