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Troop 21

troop 21 a dessert cocktail by sauce and shake

Not to brag or anything, but there are five boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in our house right now. Between March Madness and these cookies, this time of year is just what I need to shake off the early spring blues. This is definitely…

Salty’s Skirt Steak Tacos

steak tacos

Salty is not much of a cook, but when it comes to grilling, the man loves his craft. He also loves his steak, so nothing makes him more eager to help than a delectably marinated piece of beef. Shake throws in her margaritas, I…

Mai Tai

mai tai

My first Mai Tai was not of the artisanal variety. In fact, most Mai Tai’s I’ve had haven’t been. That being said, I still order them! They’re delicious and perfect when you’re missing summer, enjoying summer, on vacation or really whenever you want a…

Poire Noir

This is a delicious dessert sipper. It’s meant to wind down a dinner with wonderful people, riveting conversation and no dishes to worry about. The Poire Noir is easy to produce for a crowd and a great way to show off any sort of…

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