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Port Fondue

port fondue

Sauce loves liqueur filled chocolates; in fact I gave her a box of them for Christmas. This drink is sort of an inside out version of one. I highly suggest letting the chocolate garnish sit in the drink for a minute or so before… Continue Reading “Port Fondue”



Pear and rye whiskey make for a fantastic pre-dinner cocktail. An aperitif if you will. A note about rye whiskey. For a deliciously low price, Dickel rye is wonderful in cocktails or on its own. It’s smooth and approachable for just about any palate.… Continue Reading “Apearitif”

Billy Rocks

Billy Rocks Cocktail

Sweet Sumo mandarin oranges and earthy tequila make for a truly unique flavor combination. To be honest this drink came to be with a particular mission in mind. Make Sauce like orange in cocktails. Be sure to buy a few extras, as these oranges… Continue Reading “Billy Rocks”

Rag Doll

rag doll

The strawberry balsamic syrup, recipe found here, is great to keep around the house. Try it as an ice cream topping or experiment with your own cocktails! This one is a favorite of Sauce’s and the name comes from a Four Seasons song, one… Continue Reading “Rag Doll”

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