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Classic Eggs Benedict

Classic eggs Benedict with fresh Hollandaise

Buttery eggs on eggs on toast with ham? Yes please. Eggs Benedict used to be my go to brunch item, but once I realized I could have it without waiting in line too early on a Saturday, going out for breakfast really lost its…

Napoleon’s Overture

Napoleon's Overture

This is a great pre-dinner drink. The ginger gets your palate and digestive system warmed up while the cognac soothes the stress of the day away. A note about honey syrup – I like to have it on hand all the time. It basically…

Mini Pizza Night

pizza with egg, prosciutto, ham and cheese with gravy

Pizza parties are always fun, but delivery is expensive and slow, and pre-made frozen pizzas never quite measure up-not to mention nobody can ever agree on toppings. Combat all these problems by making pizza at home-you provide the base, sauce, and cheese, and ask…

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