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The Wayward Monk

The wayward monk

Sidecars are one of Sauce’s favorite cocktails. This spin on the classic adds some Benedictine for sweetness and a touch of botanicals and apple juice to play off the Cognac. It is a wonderful accompaniment to any sort of Cheese Plate or as a… Continue Reading “The Wayward Monk”

Tenderloin Bites

Tenderloin bites

Salty holds up the male end of the household by being a classic meat and potatoes guy, and his favorite snack is all about quality and simplicity. Whether you cheat like us or make the sauce from scratch, this dish is ready in less… Continue Reading “Tenderloin Bites”

A Viking Voyage

A Viking Voyage cocktail

We called this drink the Viking voyage quite simply because its what we imagine a Viking would have imbibed should they have wound up in the Caribbean! I swear naming cocktails is sometimes harder than coming up with recipes. Side note, Luxardo is a… Continue Reading “A Viking Voyage”

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