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Matteo Ricci

matteo ricci

Matteo Ricci was an Italian missionary in the late 1500’s. He arrived at the Portuguese settlement of Macau and began missionary work that took him across the entire country. In 1601, the Wanli Emperor who wished to put his knowledge of astronomy and the… Continue Reading “Matteo Ricci”

Port Fondue

port fondue

Sauce loves liqueur filled chocolates; in fact I gave her a box of them for Christmas. This drink is sort of an inside out version of one. I highly suggest letting the chocolate garnish sit in the drink for a minute or so before… Continue Reading “Port Fondue”



Pear and rye whiskey make for a fantastic pre-dinner cocktail. An aperitif if you will. A note about rye whiskey. For a deliciously low price, Dickel rye is wonderful in cocktails or on its own. It’s smooth and approachable for just about any palate.… Continue Reading “Apearitif”

Billy Rocks

Billy Rocks Cocktail

Sweet Sumo mandarin oranges and earthy tequila make for a truly unique flavor combination. To be honest this drink came to be with a particular mission in mind. Make Sauce like orange in cocktails. Be sure to buy a few extras, as these oranges… Continue Reading “Billy Rocks”

Troop 21

troop 21 a dessert cocktail by sauce and shake

Not to brag or anything, but there are five boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in our house right now. Between March Madness and these cookies, this time of year is just what I need to shake off the early spring blues. This is definitely… Continue Reading “Troop 21”

Poire Noir

This is a delicious dessert sipper. It’s meant to wind down a dinner with wonderful people, riveting conversation and no dishes to worry about. The Poire Noir is easy to produce for a crowd and a great way to show off any sort of… Continue Reading “Poire Noir”

Just Right for Goldilocks

Meyer lemons have a bit of a bad rap behind the bar these days. They taste like a cross between a traditional lemon and a sweet mandarin orange. For too long this poor fruit was forced into simple syrups with so much sugar, the… Continue Reading “Just Right for Goldilocks”

Apples Are Forever

apples are forever

When Ms. Hot Pot came over, we debated apples in cocktails for quite a while. In particular the fact I’ve not really had a whole lot with hard cider OR apples in general that I enjoyed. Fast forward a few weeks and we’ve developed… Continue Reading “Apples Are Forever”

The Wayward Monk

The wayward monk

Sidecars are one of Sauce’s favorite cocktails. This spin on the classic adds some Benedictine for sweetness and a touch of botanicals and apple juice to play off the Cognac. It is a wonderful accompaniment to any sort of Cheese Plate or as a… Continue Reading “The Wayward Monk”

A Viking Voyage

A Viking Voyage cocktail

We called this drink the Viking voyage quite simply because its what we imagine a Viking would have imbibed should they have wound up in the Caribbean! I swear naming cocktails is sometimes harder than coming up with recipes. Side note, Luxardo is a… Continue Reading “A Viking Voyage”

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