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Coconut Lime Risotto

coconut lime risotto

I needed a side dish for pulled pork the other night, so I went prowling through my pantry for potential treasures. I wanted to make rice, but I only had sushi rice and Arborio, which is commonly used for risotto. I had plenty of… Continue Reading “Coconut Lime Risotto”

Classic Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are wonderful. Even the pickiest eaters like them, they’re easy to make, and the leftovers provide all sorts of bountiful options, like my potato croquettes. Ultimately I believe a well mashed potato needs nothing more than butter and salt, but there is… Continue Reading “Classic Mashed Potatoes”

Mustard Roasted Carrots

mustard roasted carrots

Too often I overlook my side dishes, which is a tragedy I am trying to overcome. I decided to add some oomph to roasted carrots by dressing them in creamy mustard before cooking. The result was quite satisfying, and added lots of flavor without… Continue Reading “Mustard Roasted Carrots”

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